About us

Sharing our Love of Bees

Founded in 2016 by Danielle Brooks, The Honey Truck Co. has become a well-known North Florida resource for local honeys, infused honeys, and bee education. Brooks is a Certified Master Beekeeper, Certified Welsh Honey Judge and has won numerous awards for her honeys in various competitions around the state including best of the south from Southern Living.

There are many reasons to enjoy local honey, from health benefits (antioxidants, seasonal allergy relief) to tasting the local flora. But for Danielle, what began as a quest for local honey became an obsession with apiculture and the desire to share her love of bees with others.

“Bees are amazing little critters & they are the only insects in the world who create food for humans. Honey is an incredibly delicious & valuable resource that is easily manipulated & sold under false pretenses.”

- Founder Danielle Brooks